Good on you

A few months ago on this blog we published an article which was about fast fashion, the harmful impact that clothing industries have on the environment and the importance of promoting sustainable clothing production.

Luckily, there is a new app which will help you choose where to buy clothes, specifying

how sustainable a brand is. This platform is called “Good on You” and we truly recommend you to download it because it is free and very easy to use. You just have to search a brand, such as Zara or H&M, and the app will tell you how good it is for the environment and its workers, rating the company from one to five stars and giving you the price category of the brand. If you look for a clothing item produced by a company which is not well rated, then the app will suggest other brands (more sustainable) where you can find similar clothes.

“Good on you” was launched some years ago by Lucy&Yak, a company established by a young English couple that has been travelling all around the world to find sustainable companies, promote them and make their way through big brands. 

Almost every day, you can find on the app a new article about sustainable fashion, ethical brands and more. For example, some days ago an article was published about the best ten stylish and vegan sustainable clothes. 

We hope you will download this app because we have found it extremely useful and interesting. It could be a good start to make a change, couldn’t it? We reckon that everybody should have a special consideration for the way clothes are produced. Also, last week was the Fashion Revolution Week, a celebration established to raise awareness.

Here is the link of Lucy&Yak’s website

Anna Donà, Susanna Ferracuti

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