Meghan and Harry's bombshell interview

One of the hot topics of the last few weeks has been, without a doubt, Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, respectively Duke and Duchess of Sussex. During the interview many shocking details were revealed by the couple, but let’s go back a little and try to understand the family background. 
Prince Henry Charles Albert David, better known as Harry, is the second and youngest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, therefore the grandchild of Queen Elisabeth II. After college he joined the British Army and went  to Afghanistan in 2012 for nearly four months where he was a member of an Army Air Corps’ squadron. He resigned from the military service in 2015. A completely different story is the one regarding Meghan. She was born in Los Angeles, California and right after University she started pursuing an acting career. After a few small gigs in 2011 she had her breakthrough, in fact she was cast as Rachel Zane in the USA Network show Suits which lasted until 2017. In 2011 she also married Trevor Eagolson, an American producer, but they eventually split up and got divorced in 2013. 
Harry and Meghan started seeing each other in the summer of 2016, but their first public appearance as a couple was more than a year later in Toronto. The same year in November  their engagement was announced and finally on 19 May 2018 they got married in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Soon after they started living near the royal family in a cottage but then they decided to move to a house at Windsor Castle. In June 2019 their firstborn son Archie was born. At the beginning of 2020 they ultimately agreed to step down and stop undertaking official royal duties, afterwards they moved initially to Canada but in  the end they bought a place in Montecito, a little town really close to Santa Barbara where they currently live. 
The two of them recently decided to get interviewed by Oprah so, this February, the interview was filmed and released to the public only on the 8th of March. Many elements were analyzed and a lot of traumatic information revealed. One of the issues raised was the conflict they had with the royal family, firstly Meghan said that even though she had been welcomed into  the family, they had never given her support or guidance which, for someone who doesn’t know the royal environment, is fondamental. From then on, she began feeling lonely and abandoned and that’s when, as she admitted, she started having suicidal thoughts. Even if she was in such a tough situation and without  any help apart from her husband, he didn't give up. Given the circumstance Harry chose to move outside the country; as a result,  they moved to Canada in order to take a pause from their chaotic life. Another topic discussed was the concern of the royal family about Archie’s skin color, which  was obviously an unbelievable revelation which truly shocked millions of viewers. This astonishing allegation of racism was taken very seriously at the palace, the Queen herself replied that the family would privately examine the matter. Harry in addition said that his father, Prince Charles, is not returning his phone calls and this deeply saddened him “I feel very let down - he confessed - because he's been through something similar. He knows what pain feels like”. As well as that, the parents also announced the arrival of a little girl who is due in the summer, which is wonderful news considering the miscarriage Meghan had last year and they appeared truly delighted at the idea of Archie having a little sister.  
As of today, the situation is still very delicate, a lot of accusations were made but we still don’t know what will happen next and how the royals are going to handle it all.

Martina Carulli, 2^D

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